About Kia

Hi Gorgeous!


I'm Kia Williams. I'm a natural hair enthusiast turned natural hair stylist, healthy hair is my passion. Here's my story so far...


My formal education is in Communication & Media Studies after graduating college I worked in my field of study for over seven years before I decided to follow my destiny. Hair has been a natural talent for me my entire life. I've always strived to grow and maintain my own healthy hair while styling my friends and family too. I originally went to college and got a degree because I was raised that school or military were my options. The older I got the more I felt that I was working against what came natural to me. Like a true millennial rather then continue to do what I was told I decided to do what made me happy. The road to pursuing my dreams has been long, fun, scary, but mostly exciting.


January 2016 ,I decided to start excepting clients in my apartment part-time for extra money. By July 2016 I rented a booth in a flea market and began to build my clientele. Within 6 months my clientele grew and so did I. In January 2017, I signed a lease for my very own salon suite. By May 2017, I quit my job and started doing hair full-time, I also enrolled in cosmetology school. Currently, I am studying to become a master cosmetologist. My expected completion date is December 2018. In addition, to attending school I work in my shop and I serve in the media ministry at my church. 


That's my story in a nutshell. Now you know me I hope to meet you in the very near future. If growing healthy hair while maintaining a stylish look is your goal then we have similar interest. I would love to be your stylist.


See you soon!




Servicing Metro Atlanta

Tel: (404) 414-5680

E: contact@braidsbykia.com


1000 Iris Drive

Suite C1

Conyers, Ga 30094



M&W 9:00am- 5:00pm

T&TH-Fri 4:00pm-10:00pm

Sat 9:00am- 8:00pm

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IG: @braidsbykia16

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